Thursday, December 22, 2005

Here's the scarf i made for Marissa...
Lion Brand yarn (color is Heather)
Lots of squares, which i then stitched together, and then added some fringe.
Took a bit longer than i expected, but it was fun!

I gave away my star blanket yesterday. They aren't opening it until Christmas, but was had to part with.

Monday, December 05, 2005

There is no way that i will ever use this, but it was quick and easy and kind of cool.
Anybody want a green spiral scarf? It's a lighter green than the picture.

Anyway, babysitting saturday night was really easy. I taught all three of the kids (2 girls, one boy)how to knit! Even though they still don't really get it, it kept them busy for like 3 hours.

SOOO much better than barbies or play doh!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

New scarf! I finished it today during the assembly at school. The yarn is called "Eden", and the color is 'apple'. It's so soft and warm, but it was a pain to make. It was nearly impossible to fix mistakes, because the fuz got tangled very easily...hopefully it won't become matted. ew.
It's about 7 ft long, 12 dbl crochet stitches per row, and made with a J (6 mm) crochet hook.

I need to find another project that is slightly more challenging...

I'm thinking of trying to knit a lace scarf, like, next. It looks kind of complicated, but since it's a scarf it shouldn't take so long that i give up on it.

What do you think?

Monday, November 28, 2005

First Post!

This weekend was busy in a relaxing sort of way. I finally got the right yarn for the baby blanket i've been meaning to make for my karate instructors! (who are expecting in june, but's meant as a christmas gift, anyway.)

I found this star pattern,, and made it more baby-like by modifying the colors and making it bigger(28 rows, rather than 15). I used all Caron's Simply soft, in light yellow, white, and rainbow. It was much softer than the Red Heart, which i had started out with. Although strangely i noticed that the rainbow multicolor yarn was slightly coarser than the solid color yarns.

Anyway, I used 3 rows of yellow for the border, 6 rows of rainbow, 13 rows of white, and 6 rows of yellow for the core star. It measures exactly 40" from each point to the opposite side. It took about 9 hours to complete.. I think it's my favorite project so far!